Monday, 28 February 2011

Harry and Luke's big london bird race challenge

OK so why the hell am I doing this? 

 It’s basically a £100 bet with my girl friend Hara (or the bird watching widow as she calls herself)  that between me and my cousin, Luke, it is possible to see 100 birds the M25 ring. Well,  although I may have been a little drunk and probably a little foolish at the time, I've accepted the challenge. To be honest with you I have no idea how achievable this is and how I’m going to pull it off as I am new to London,  but I will be inspired by 3 things.

1. My love for birds
2. My love for London
3. Most importantly I will be inspired by my total dedication to prevent the smug look on Hara's face!!!

Anyway, I need your feedback and help.

Please can you all club together and send through your advice on the best sites /  routes / regular rarities in London?

Having been a keen birder for 20 years I have already come up with some ideas based on London Wiki reports but would appreciate any help that you birders can offer. So, no matter how insignificant they may seem, please forward to me any suggestions for the above. If we win the £100 will be donated to the RSPB so it’s all for a good cause.

The whole trip is going to be documented on video and published onto Youtube so you can watch the adventure happen. We will also be updating this blog as the plans and progress happens.

The rules
In order for the quest to be succesful and the bet to be won all the following rules must be met
1. All birds must be seen and not heard
2. All birds must be seen by both Luke and myself to count
3. All birds must be seen seen within the M25 ring.
4. All birds must be seen within a 48 hour period (Saturday 12am to Sunday 11:49pm)

Hara has left some encouraging words for us before we set off.
'I honestly don't believe you have a chance in hell of doing this. Surely there arn't that many birds all in a city like london and even if they were a fool like you would never find them. You probably won't even get 80 lol' 

There is also the option to sponsor the trip with all money going to the RSPB via Just Giving. Please click on the following link to sponsor.

Meanwhile,  if you would like to follow the progress of the trip then please follow us on this blog. 

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