Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Luck needed

Hi all, its me again.

The planning of this race is well underway and has met with many ups and downs so far. We had great news last week when I met up with a volunteer who has agreed to film the whole event to allow Luke and myself more birding time. Thanks Mike, its great to have you on board!

Scouting some of the sites around London has been going very well and I have been very impressed with the numbers of birds seen using all the advice I have received so far. Its unbelievable to have has so much interest! I'd like to specifically mention Birdguides, the RSPB and everyone who has sent through their hot tips and advice or donated money! Everyone has been fantstic!

However I'm just starting to realise how the success of this trip relies so heavily on luck. If the weather is bad, or the light poor then the task will be made impossible. If the traffic is jammed, or public transport lets us down then we may struggle to reach our sites within the time period. Already since preparing for this trip it feels like the gods are against us as my telescope has broken and in need of urgent repair (while in malta for the Birdlife Springwatch) and my sat-nav alike breaking down forcing me to purchase a new one. This has made preparation for the trip very difficult but Oh well.

Despite these drawbacks I remain upbeat and still determined to prove my point that you can enjoy wildlife no matter where you live! I am still confident that despite these drawbacks this can be achieved! And as always I am spurred on by my sheer determination to wipe the cheeky smile of Hara's face!

I'd like to remind followers as well of the option to sponsor the event so please make a donation to the RSPB via http://www.justgiving.com/Harry-Boorman

Many thanks and please keep your fingers crossed for good weather and good birds!

Harry & Luke

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